How to Fortify the Library in Back 4 Blood

In Act 1, at the "Book Worms" stage, the library is fortified. Although the goal is as easy as grabbing reinforced planks to reinforce the windows, it can be perplexing at times.

It can be difficult to discover the windows you need to reinforce because the objectives are not specified and the library has at least three storeys.

You'll learn how to fortify the library in Back 4 Blood and continue through the game by exiting the library and rescuing the remaining survivors in this guide.

Book Worms – Quick Recap

This step begins once the Clean Sweep stage has been completed. You've already started returning survivors to Fort Hope. You wind up in the library after completing the Clean Sweep, looking for more survivors.

The library will require some fortification before the rescue mission can resume. The abandoned location is in shambles, and you'll need to fortify it in order to achieve the task and move on.

How to Fortify the Windows

You'll notice some interactive reinforced fortification boards on the floor as you walk around the library. These fortification boards can be obtained from a variety of spawning, and they are always close to the window you need to fortify.

You will escape the saferoom and enter the library from the ground floor when the Book Worms stage begins. You'll find a staircase on your right away, but clear the ground floor first and work your way up to floor by floor.

Keep an eye out for the Sleepers on the far wall. Once they have a direct line-of-sight on a player, it will lunge towards you. The player will become immobilized, the same as how the Stingers lunge at cleaners.

Because the area is so dark, it may be frightening for other players. If you don't want to be scared by jumpscares, you can move slowly.

Window 1

After clearing the ground floor, use the stairwells to hug the right side of the library. Rather than going up, continue on until you see a doorway on the right. There will be 4 Sleepers to clear out initially (2 in the stairwell).

Because most of the doors are locked, the open window with some fortification boards on the side stands out. Grab one and use it to reinforce the window. To reinforce it, repeat the process three times for each window.

If you're playing with pals, you can collaborate on fortifying the windows to speed up the game. Just be cautious when you break up. There are a lot of Sleepers in this region, and your buddies might get captured.

Window 2

Return to the stairwell near the safe room where the stage began for the next window. Ascend the stairs and turn right. Once you've finished reinforcing all of the windows, you'll see the exit sign, which will be the next target.

A small window will be located close to the exit door. Behind the shelves adjacent to it are the fortification boards. It should be reinforced three times more. You can also refresh your ammunition supply in this region.

Window 3

Proceed to the middle of the same floor, where you will find the main desk. You'll see some fortification boards if you jump over it. The third window should be on the right side of the screen.

You'll notice a yellow ladder leading to the third floor after reinforcing the window. This ladder can be used to obtain a few goods.

On top of the crate lies a supply crate with a few weapon mods. There are also several random weapons with attachments, medical supplies, and extra ammo to be found.

There's also a locked door that requires a toolbox to unlock. This will provide your group with more supplies. Because the unique Ridden will spawn in this region on a regular basis, you may run out of supplies if you can't find the windows to reinforce.

Window 4

Go to the kid's area, which should be in the northwest portion of the library, from the main desk on the second level. Behind the shelves on the right side of the window are fortification boards. If you strengthen the window, you should be able to complete the task.

You'll be given orders to leave the library and search for any surviving survivors in the vicinity. If you followed the directions, you should be able to find the library exit near the second window you strengthened.

Completing Book Worms

Go to the hotel at the far end of town as soon as possible to finish the stage. For the horde that is about to arrive, there will be a timer. Even though the terrain is vast, the journey is relatively linear.

Once you've found the hotel, look to the side for a staircase leading down to the hotel's basement. There will be a lot of propane tanks, which you must blast to clear the route.

Clear the area of Riddens and make your way up the hotel to locate and rescue the remaining survivors. You may access each chamber and discover weapons, weapon modifications, supplies, and ammo once you've met with the survivors.

From the top floor, descend the fire exit. At this point, the safe room should be identified. Before the horde arrives, go to it, and the Book Worms stage should be completed.
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