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How To Win Fortnite’s New Daredevil Skin Before It Hits Stores

How To Win Fortnite’s New Daredevil Skin Before It Hits Stores

Well, I told you that this skincare and we're here, sure enough. Today, Fortnite has announced that it will not only be won early before anyone can pay for the new skin in the store as part of its on-going annual collaborations with Marvel.

There is a Marvel Knockout Cup on Wednesday 14 October, to begin with, and you will be competing in Marvel Knockout mode to win. Be a top team in your field and get free entry to the Daredevil skin early, which is the product of four separate cups at the final tournament on 21 November, and will continue to qualify for the real top $1 million trophies.

Yeah, four cups, that's right. The 1st Cup is the Daredevil Cup. What does it mean? Three other cups based on the characters of Marvel and more skins can be won and purchased later in the shop. We've seen a lot of Crossover art/comics by Fortnite / Marvel to date and previously could foresee the "missing" skin of this season, like the one that Daredevil has presented now.

How To Win Fortnite’s New Daredevil Skin Before It Hits Stores | Times of Games

Therefore, the options for the three missing skins are:

  • Ghost Rider
  • Captain Marvel
  • Venom
  • Black Panther

Four skins are left, only three cups are left. In my view, the Black Panther won't be one of the tournament skins given the passing of Chadwick Boseman, because if sold in the shops you can do something like a win. After all, they go to charity. Or maybe Black Panther will be saved after the cups and will have to do with the actual, big $1 million tournaments.

So the Ghost Rider Cup, Marvel Cup Captain, and Venom Cup are most likely choices, with or without skins to win. There are no others in the crossover art, so this could be the complete collection for the season. It's pretty much what I mean. Eight combat pass skins plus skins like Blade and Silver Surfer that have entered the store already.

If this one happens on October 14 we will probably learn about the other cups. Get your Marvel experience to learn how to use all these superpowers to get ready to win the skin to head-on into the tournament the day you fired.

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