How to Finish the Bar Room Blitz in Back 4 Blood

My personal favourite stage in the game is the Bar Room Blitz. After defeating the Breaker and strengthening the library at the Book Worm level, this stage begins.

After crossing the road and hopping on the blue tarp-covered fence, you'll enter a Keel's pub. From here on forward, the entire stage will be completed within Keel's tavern.

This tutorial will teach you how to complete the Bar Room Blitz in Back 4 Blood, including how to defend the bar, mend the jukebox, and avoid going insane.

What is the Bar Room Blitz?

The entire Bar Room Blitz stage is a lot of fun. Your objective is to strengthen or protect Keel's tavern while also attracting the horde's attention. This will give the people you saved enough time to make their way to the buses and flee.

You'll need something to entice the crowd inside the pub and divert their focus away from the buses. Fortunately, there is a jukebox on the premises.

Preparing the Defenses

You'll need to prepare beforehand since the infinite swarm of Ridden will strike as soon as you start the jukebox.

Keel's bar is stocked to the brim with supplies. On the left side of the entryway is an ammunition container. A weapon container will be located at the kitchen's side door. However, the weapons within are completely random.

There will be a few weapons stacked on top of the bar. Make intelligent weapon selections. The conflicts will primarily take place in close quarters. SMGs and shotguns, as well as melee weapons, will be great for conserving ammo.

Stock up on offensive weapons. Frag grenades, molotovs, pipe bombs, and razor wire will be strewn about the pub.

Inside the bathroom is a medical supplies container. For this stage, pain relievers will be the most beneficial item. When an unending stream of Riddens is rushing at you, you hardly have time to utilize medkits and bandages.

You may also put razor wires on windows if you can find any. Ridden with special abilities can scale windows and get access to the inside.

Starting the Jukebox

The jukebox is at the bathroom's door, in the centre of the pub. When you start it, the swarm will rush in your way.

The goal is obvious. You must hold out until the survivors board the buses and flee. A total of three buses will be used to transport survivors.

On top of your screen, you can watch the advancement. Each bus will carry six survivors, who will board one at a time.

Hold off the oncoming throng until all of the buses are fully loaded and ready.

Defending Against the Horde

The ideal technique is for each Cleaner to be at a distinct angle from the others. Cover the side entry, the main entrance, the bathroom window, and the back area if possible.

If your teammates want assistance from a Tallboy, Stalker, or Stinger, you'll want to have a clear view of them.

Someone should always be on the lookout for Tallboys before they enter the pub. Everything goes to crap once they come in. Before they get inside, try to deal with them.

Riddens are simple to deal with, and you may unleash as much ammunition as you desire. You might wish to have various sorts of guns for each Cleaner to be more efficient.

You'll run out of ammo quickly if everyone uses the same ammo type. If you're playing with your buddies, you can get this done quickly.

It's also worth mentioning that the jukebox is the target of these Riddens and special Riddens. It is their intention to destroy it.

The jukebox, on the other hand, cannot be destroyed. You may have one of the Cleaners fix it if they ever break it. You'll have to cover the person who fixes it, which will just slow down your progress toward the goals.

A Humvee will assist the Cleaners in escaping once the survivors are ready to board the buses. If you go to it, it will start a cutscene that will end the quest.

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