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How to Finish the Bar Room Blitz in Back 4 Blood

My personal favourite stage in the game is the Bar Room Blitz. After defeating the Breaker and strengthening the library at the Book Worm level, this stage begins. After crossing the road and hopping on the blue tarp-covered fence, you'll enter a Keel's pub. From here on forward, the entire stage will be completed within Keel's tavern. This tutorial will teach you how to complete the Bar Room Blitz in Back 4 Blood, including how to defend the bar , mend the jukebox, and avoid going insane. What is the Bar Room Blitz? The entire Bar Room Blitz stage is a lot of fun. Your objective is to strengthen or protect Keel's tavern while also attracting the horde's attention. This will give the people you saved enough time to make their way to the buses and flee. You'll need something to entice the crowd inside the pub and divert their focus away from the buses. Fortunately, there is a jukebox on the premises. Preparing the Defenses You'll need to prepare beforehand si

How to Fortify the Library in Back 4 Blood

In Act 1, at the "Book Worms" stage, the library is fortified. Although the goal is as easy as grabbing reinforced planks to reinforce the windows, it can be perplexing at times. It can be difficult to discover the windows you need to reinforce because the objectives are not specified and the library has at least three storeys. You'll learn how to fortify the library in Back 4 Blood and continue through the game by exiting the library and rescuing the remaining survivors in this guide. Book Worms – Quick Recap This step begins once the Clean Sweep stage has been completed. You've already started returning survivors to Fort Hope. You wind up in the library after completing the Clean Sweep, looking for more survivors. The library will require some fortification before the rescue mission can resume. The abandoned location is in shambles, and you'll need to fortify it in order to achieve the task and move on. How to Fortify the Windows You'll notice some interacti